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"As promised I am reporting the results of my September dental appointment. At the end of using this product for a full three months, I had 31 pocket improvements. This includes the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower); the facial (outside) and lingual (inside). I am thrilled to compare my reports from April 2011 to September 2012 and see such a radical change. At present I only have two #4 pockets as compared with thirty #4 pockets in April 2011. I want to add that because I am no longer experiencing bleeding and/or sore gums, my flossing is more consistent which enhanced my healthy firm gums. In addition I have a clean feeling mouth and wonderful fresh breath!" ~ Madeline Armstrong, Tx. [10/25/2012]

"I've been using a few drops on my toothbrush each night. I sleep with a dental appliance for TMJ and I am more concerned about night time gum health because of it. I'm very pleased with Gums Therapy. Unfortunately, I just found out from the dentist yesterday that I have a major problem with one tooth, a root canal failed due to a cracked root and that tooth will have to go. But as he compared that problem with the health of the rest of the mouth, I was pleased to hear that the rest of my mouth is healthy. Bacteria was not affecting the rest of my gums. That's the result I was hoping for from Gums Therapy,help in maintaining a healthier mouth despite aging teeth. I am thankful God inspired you to create this product and look forward to more. God Bless you with radiant joy , health, and a long life." ~ Sandy Pipkin, Texas [08/29/2012]

"I am on my third bottle of Gums Therapy and I find a habit now to use. It is refreshing and makes my mouth feel healthy and clean. I do really like the tingle of this mouth wash and I use twice a day. I find my mouth feels cleaner when I wake in the morning, if i use it right before bedtime. I am using it right after I brush my teeth. My overall review of Gums Therapy, is that I am feeling like my mouth is cleaner and thus will help with my oral hygiene. I am very happy with Gums Therapy and plan to continue to use this product every day. " ~ Joanne Schinelli [08/29/2012]

"I'm very impressed with this product. I faithfully have 4 month dental appointments due to plaque build-up and gums pockets. My last visit was proof not only to me, but also to my hygienist that there was great improvement in my gums. I knew that they were not as tender when flossing, but when a long-standing #4 pocket was now a #2,we were both astonished. The amazing thing is there was very limited use before this appointment . I am due back in two months and I am anticipating an even grated improvement because at that time I will have used it consecutively daily for 3 months,not just a few days. Madeline Armstrong Houston, Tx." ~ Madeline Armstrong [08/24/2012]

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